Wednesday, 1 June 2011

New month - new challenge

This one is from Karen:

In what ways do you notice the passing of time?
is it looking at old photos and realising how much everyone has changed?
is it when a tv programme comes on and you realise another week as gone by?
Is is marking off days on a calendar?
is it birthdays coming round and realising the years are moving so quickly?

This came to me as I pulled bottles of milk out of the fridge in the supermarket and thought wow is it nearly the middle of February already?

The journalling reads

I used to know the exact date when I was a teacher. I'd write the date on the board every day- sometimes more than once. Now the date jumps up me and gives me a shock. Blimey I say as I pull the milk from the fridge. Is it the end of May already? journalling 25.5.11

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