Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Challenge 106

This weekend is Father's Day.
This fortnight's challenge is "Dad's are usally do-ers.
Celebrate all the things your Dad (or the Father of your children) does for you.
Take out the garbage, provide faithfully, check all the doors are locked up tight at night etc."

And then just because I can my LO is more about my hubby and our middlest and their similarities.
 They share the same good looks, the same quirky dry sense of humour as well as a love of practical jokes and pranking. (think Mr Bean, Leon Schuster and Wackhead)
They both work hard, act smart and love their families first.
They HATE cucumbers and watermelon.
They are generous and will happily give you the last shirt off their backs.

I used Robyn Pali Designs. Available at divine digitals, here.

1 comment:

Sheilagh said...

What good looking guys you have.
I love that spread.