Thursday, 2 December 2010

Karen introducing challenge 94.

A favourite Christmas ornament
It's origins, where you got it, who you got it from
why it is special
how you display it
it's imprtance to you
the story behind it
This is a suggestion by Julie (

Journalling reads
It might not be very old but it is very precious. My Nan bought this for Stanley Christmas 2003. She saw it in her sheltered housing and bought it. She gave it to him before Christmas ( while we were out of the room) because she couldn't wait to see his face. Nan won't with us the next year so it is a precious reminder of the time they had together

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Megan Ann said...

BOOO!!!! Any alternatives for those who do not celebrate christmas? Like could I do a LO about a holiday decoration that is important to me? I'm thinking the menorah I will inherit.