Monday, 18 October 2010

Melissa's challenge 90.

Title: drop it.

Visible journaling: The most I've weighed in SIX years!
(Under flap: Scale reading 180.5 pounds)
Hidden journaling: I am so mad at myself for letting the number on the scale get so high! I haven't weighed this much since before I got pregnant with Ethan! I never even weighed this much *WHILE* pregnant.
I hereby swear to put a stop to the excuses. I will no longer wait until tomorrow. The "last meals before I change" will hereby cease.
I can do this. I can lose this weight. It wasn't gained overnight and it certainly won't be lost overnight, but I am going to drop it like a bad friend - one that makes me tired, lazy, and unhealthy. Consider yourself warned, fat belly. You have been served your eviction papers and are no longer welcome to be in my life! -10/11/10

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MommaSaid said...

Clever idea with the journal flap!