Monday, 16 August 2010

Readers roundup

This first one is from Jordan.
You can view her LO here.

Old habits are hard to break.
Her journaling:
I don't really have that many bad habits.
But the thing is the ones I do have are really hard to get rid of.
One example is nail biting.
 I thought I was done with it but it always comes back.

The second one is from Megan.
(you can view it here,

JOURNALING READS: Life is not all rainbows and sunshine...but for some reason that is all we scrap about...take a chance and look at the hard parts of never know what you will learn from the struggles in life. That is something I want to work on, find the lessons to be learned in and through my struggles. I want to find the sunshine despite the rain clouds. And I will look for the rainbows peeking out from behind the clouds. MAW PIC: 8/7/2010 JOURNALING: 8/8/2010

Many thanks Ladies. Please remember that if we receive 5 entries this month I will have a lucky draw RAK.

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