Monday, 23 August 2010

Melissa's challenge 86.

Hidden journaling:
It all started around 8 months old when we were in Hobby Lobby and you just HAD to have a stuff-it-yourself bear you saw as we were walking down one of the aisles. Not knowing what it would get us into, your Daddy and I gave in and bought it. That bear would become Gigi, your faithful companion. Little did we know we were creating a monster that day. Pretty soon, your bedroom became a stuffed animal haven.
We have tried to pare down the quantity over the past couple of years, but you are always insistant on keeping the many that inhabit your bed. They each have names (at least a good majority do that I know of) and they have to be arranged just right at bedtime or you can't calm down for sleep. Gigi is with you, and you generally sleep under both Brownie (a big dog) and Tiger (who is actually a lion). You must have all of your Sasha beagles, Puppy, Pss Pss Bunny, Sleepy Sheepy, Real Big Fish, Ssssnake 1 and 2, Swanny, Cran, Tweety, Ostrich, Monkey (who is actually a gorilla), Baby Jaguar... the list goes on and on.
I know one day you'll out grow this and then I will miss it, but I love to see this soft side of my "man's man" boy - my lover of Nerf guns and bow hunting - my dirt-collector, have such a soft spot for all things stuffed. I hope you never lost that soft spot, even if it moves on to things not stuffed. -8.18.10

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