Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Inside my bag:

Inside my bag is a bag organiser and I have things very organised and easy to find.
  1. natural coloured lipgloss, lipice and lipstick, eye liner 
  2. small notebook and three (?) pens
  3. hand sanitiser and wet wipes
  4. small mirror, foldable hair brush, tissues
  5. sweeteners
  6. car and house keys
  7. sunglasses and sunglass case
  8. lady necessities and pain pills - in case
  9. purse with cash and cards, second coin purse with small change (should be in the car)
  10. plastic shopping bag

I swapped my large pink purse for my daughter's blingy cat purse, because the purse filled the inside of the organiser and left me with no space. I am much happier with the smaller lighter version.
I can see my "Be Prepared" girl guide training and my need for organisation and lack of small children evident in the contents now, compared to even 5 years ago.

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