Monday, 16 March 2015

These hands

I am playing along with This week, story and prompt challenge, from Marmalade Mementos.

"These hands of mine have done so much throughout my life. They help me to accomplish the basic tasks of the day; from getting up, making tea and school lunches to blow drying my hair and getting dressed. One regret I have is that there are so few photos of me being a “hands on Mommy”, my days were filled with the children, caring for the children, often times cooking supper with a child attached to my left hip so that my right hand was free to do something else. In those days of film cameras, film was not wasted on taking photos of the everyday events, actions and paraphernalia. But I recall being a hands on Mommy, being available most of the time, cleaning up, setting right, comforting, disciplining etc.
When at home my watch and rings lie waiting to be quickly added just before I rush out of the door. The years of suffering with eczema on my ring finger the cause of that lifelong habit. My hands wave around when I talk, especially when I am passionate about the topic of conversation. I have my mother’s hands, hands that she used to take care with a moisturising regime and with painted nails so that they looked feminine after someone told her she had the hands of a dock worker. I also have a long nail bed, so that even when my nails are short, they look long. My hands fit perfectly into Andrew’s.
 These hands may not type 100 words a minute- I may plonk type using three fingers per hand while looking at the key board, but I still love writing this way. Journaling my thoughts, or digi scrapbooking. My to- do list is on paper though, written with a freshly sharpened HB pencil – I may be old fashioned that way, so satisfying to cross the completed tasks off when done.
These hands with their French manicure apply lip-ice to my lips numerous times per day, make copious cups of tea for friends, pass tissues when emotions get messy, these hands with the skin getting soft and spotty now, just like my Granny’s used to be. I also apply hand cream every night and rub it in all around the cuticles. My hands, my acts of service, so much a key part of me.” ~ Stefanie 15TH March 2015


Mandy Elliott said...

Hi Stefanie, this is Mandy here from Record Life, the creator of the #ThisWeek prompts. Thank you so much for playing along and linking up! I love that you detailed the story of what your hands do and have done in such detail!

Meg Woolston said...

Great post Stefanie! Love all the detail you included! Just wanted to make sure you know that while I chose the prompt for this month, the challenge itself was actually created by Mandy of the Record Life blog, so I can't take full credit for the awesome idea :) -Meg, Marmalade Mementos

Rachel said...

Great post! Really makes you appreciate everything in life when you stop and think about the simple things.