Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Modern Nautical

Take a look at the modern nautical inspiration we’ve collected on Pinterest and the pages made by our creative team below, and here’s a quick list of elements that work with the Modern Nautical style:
  • piping, cord, wood, metal, coral
  • cream and gold accents, blue backdrops
  • ships, maps, flags, anchors, knots, fish and sealife
  • stripes, medallions, repeating geometrics

Stefanie Semple says, “This layout tells the story of our day trip from the cruise we took in 2012. Modern nautical elements include the wood background paper, the addition of ship’s wheel and the anchor motif, the use of circles reminiscent of port holes, the blue, red and light colour scheme as well as the fun addition of star fish within the clusters. Cruising allows you to travel the world and pick up bits and pieces from the variety of ports you visit, and the clusters in this layout are filled with interesting bits and bobs in just the same way.”

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