Monday, 3 March 2014


Hi there
I have decided to jump aboard the fun happening at the Get it Scrapped forum - better late than never.
you can find out all about it here.

Bonus points:
1. First time playing Calvinball = 1 point
2. Showing up at the March 1 GIS Crop = 1 point
3. Blogging about playing Calvinball with a link to this thread = 1 point (may be awarded prior to the official onset of the game)
4. Blogging updates to your Calvinball status = 1 point (may be awarded once per week)
5. Commenting on 10 Calvinballer's layouts = 1 point
6. Commenting on 10 Calvinballer's blog posts = 1 point
7. Putting 10 layouts into albums = 1 point (may be awarded once per week)
8. Bringing in a new recruit = 1 point (per recruit)
9. Updating Calvinball status on other social media = 1 point (may be awarded per media once per week)
10. Taking the style quiz (see below) and posting the results = 1 point
11. Using Calvin and/or Hobbes on a page = 1 point
12. Cooking something so you can take a photo of it to use on a page = 1 point
13. Learning a new tool, medium, or technique = 1 point
14. Backing up photos/digital files = 1 point
15. Sorting and filing 25 digital kits = 1 point
16. Sorting and organizing a section of your scrap area = 1 point

So I am starting with 4 bonus points. Now on to the layouts that I have created since the beginning of March. Bearing in mind it was my DS2's 18th birthday on the 28th of Feb and he had friends around lanning in my studio, then DS1 invited some of his friends around to join in the fun, before the first lot left so they all only cleared out last night.

I need to post the style answer I got to Debbie's style quiz. 
I got classic storyteller, I will edit to add that when I find it again.
6 Points.

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Laura Kaplan said...

Yay, Calvinball! Can't wait to see what you do!