Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My bedroom, my haven

I have read that the way we scrapbook and the way we decorate our homes reflects our style and even the way we dress. I know that I have surrounded myself with things that are meaningful to me, even though I have broken several rules along the way.
(a) no family photos - well I have of hubby and me together but also of the family and the cats and we're both ok with that.
(b) bedding shouldn't be overly feminine. Well, I like florals and flowers and want my bedding to lift my spirits in Summer and Winter, so I have these two sets that I swap out. In winter we add the blanket and heater for warmth, in summer we add a fan for cooling.
 On my side of the bed I chose a curvy shaped lampstand. I have my hand creams and cuticle oil as well as the phones. I wake up faster and respond better in emergencies. My reading pile reflects that bookclub was two days ago and that I love romantic suspense, all fiction.

 Hubby's side of the bed reflects his reading materials - non fiction and his lamp stand is more masculine.
The dressing table has my perfumes and jewelery on it as well as another photo of the two of us.
My necklaces hang all over the mirror and the earrings and bracelets lie in compartments in the drawer.

Close-up. I have a thing for rings and change them often.
The glass basket was a treasure I got at a vintage shop in Pennsylvania.

A close friend gave me the cat statue and I added a photo of my favourite Siamese, Rikki, who died 2 years ago.
 My Willowtree figurines. People comment that there isn't one for my hubby. That's because these represent all of my babies. I miscarried at 11 weeks (hence the preggie one) and then our daughter, Sarah, died at 15days (she is represented by the one holding the kitty - Rikki)
Our oldest son loves reading, the second son has a heart of gold and our daughter is a mini version of me. (I chose a sitting girl to depict that she is younger than the boys)

 No photo of my haven would be complete without a kitty, we have 4. Meet Snuggles, she is 12 and thinks she rules the roost and I am hers.

Also on my side of the bed, photos of my three children taken at a similar age, in oder from oldest to youngest, with shoes to represent Sarah's place. These ways of remembering are not so that I won't forget. Rather they are to honour the members of our family that I don't get to see everyday.

The en-suite. I love citrus flavoured hand soaps and the seafoam colour of my towels is my latest favourite colour.

I hope that you enjoyed the tour of my haven, the place I run to when the world gets too much. 
Maybe next time you visit, you;ll stay for tea?

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