Monday, 12 November 2012

Get it scrapped : entertainment

First the link to the article on the Get it scrapped blog.

“My second son loves soccer, and spends as many hours per day as I will allow on his computer playing Fifa 2012. I should be happy that it is something age appropriate and that I know where he is during the day, but I miss that soccer used to be a sport played outside getting exercise and fresh air.”
“I used the grey woodgrain to highlight the gloomy choice of being inside and the smaller canvas within the background denotes how his world has shrunk. The photos of him are a typical view of him as I walk past. The choice of red and blue elements highlight his favourite team (Chelsea) and their nemesis (Manchester United). The compact and constrained design denote his love of controlling the outcome of his games, so much better than allowing his team to lose, like they may in real life.”


Dolores said...

Hi Stefanie,
I happened upon your blog from the Debbie Hodge/Get it Scrapped site! Very cool to recognize you & your family in the layouts there! :)

Helen Tilbury said...

Awesome layout. Any time CJ wants a challenge he can play against my boys online :)

Jedidja said...

Is that your national sporting;-)

I get my son even away from the computer. He loves designing sites.
Wonderful layout you've made​​. Thanks for your comment on my photo blog.

( 22:00 here now)