Monday, 20 August 2012


Our first day out we saw the (madoda) lion, he was a little distance away from the lioness with the 4 male subadults. He was sleepy and not really that interested in us at all. When one of his cubs came by looking for trouble nothing much happened before he snoozed off again.

 The 4 young males were about a year old.

 They stuck toegther for the most part, until the lioness started walking away and then they followed. Seems like I have been doing it wrongly all these years, holding kids hands and checking that they're coming and searching if they got lost. She just walked away and they followed in their own time.

 You can see he still has his milk teeth. I have no idea what he was doing here, it looked like he was scenting something.

 The following day we saw another 2 lionesses with much smaller cubs. These were suckling from both females and we were told that they are kept separate until they're a bit older for fear that the "older" cubs could hurt them in rough play.

 So cute. I could watch them for hours.

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Helen Tilbury said...

Adorable. I could watch them for hours too. I love watching our monkeys here. I watch them all the times.