Tuesday, 10 April 2012

making the call

One of the hardest things I have had to do in the last few years was the day I made that phone call. Deciding that I was too far away (11 hours by car) to make it home to be there myself while it happened. To say to the vet that he had suffered enough and it was time to let him go. My cat, my pet, my loyal blue eyed devoted companion. We had shared an incredible twelve years together and with that call it was all over. I am thankful that hubby was able to bury him in his favourite sunny spot in the garden, but the void left in my heart was unbelievable. I mourned him. Yes we still had three cats and I wasn’t alone, but it wasn’t the same. None of them had his devotion, his character, his need of spending time with me. His love for chicken and ability to melt my heart were just legionary. As time passed I have been able to love another blue point Siamese, I called him Topaz and I love him dearly. But he is his own cat, not a replacement but a new beginning.

Love U still templates and kit from Memory Clips by Ramona, only at ScrapMatters.

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Gina L said...

I know that feeling; we had to put my 16 year old siamese down in 2006. She was suffering with kidney failure and it broke my heart. I've got three siamese now and yet I still miss her! Hugs to you. This is a lovely memorial layout.