Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Tracy's take on the challenge and Sponsor Project

Here is Tracy's take:

TITLE: Happiness is… (A list of things that make me happy today, 5/20/08.)

Journaling reads: Jason, trying newthings, Joey, blowing bubbles, grandma’s dressing, blogging, gosod deals, watching movies, the scent of clean Jason, swimming, sleeping late, mom’s beef stew, teaching, taking lots of pictures, pretty shoes, Jesus, silly dance moces, the smell of freshly cut grass, fonts, macaroni and cheese, flip flops, “I love you”s, VBS, smiles, winning, sitting outside as the sun goes down, holidays, 40% off, big hair, iPods, scrapbooking, winking, magnets, birthdays and birthday week, framing Joey’s art work, musicals, going home, video games, singing, watching someone succeed, sweet tea, snow days, flowers, things that rhyme, playing games, chocolate, compliments, wind chimes, painted toenails, dirty talk, costumes, long necklaces, smart people, seeng a “light bulb” moment, snuggling, Pepsi, the sound of Joey’s laugh, little notebooks, making lists, endorphins, building websites, dollars in the dryer, bulletin boards, watching reruns, staying up late, being right, friends, family get togethers, bagels, Wheat Thins, almost frozen strawberries, family, laughing, playing Rock Band, happy endings, smileys, lavender.

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Rene'P said...

I love how you did this LO and the color really livens it up. Very inspiring:-) and great a way to do a page of just journaling w/out the photos.